Our Inspiration

Fiji is a magical island escape, a place where people go when they want to disconnect with the world, live a basic lifestyle and discover their best life. Fiji truly is an undiscovered paradise where one travels to connect with the land, the sea & the sun. Fiji Islands Boutique embraces this lifestyle by manufacturing basic, comfortable & casual apparel that showcases the beautiful Fiji Islands & as unique & contemporary art designed to connect to society in the now. Our odor resistant and sweat wicking fabric is perfect for warm weather adventures & climates & our 4 way stretch fabric is perfect for comfortable & stylish travel with the perfect pop of color. Fiji Island’s boutique encourages a lifestyle of effortless & stylish travel, our basic apparel allows you to throw your clothes into your suitcase only to discover you can wear them wrinkle free as soon as you arrive at your holiday destination.

“My prints are designed to connect the world with my beautiful home & our happy lifestyle as trendy art on casual apparel. My label combines function & beauty as one & encourages independent, free spirited soul searcher to travel to my beautiful home & discover the beauty & freedom in island living. The prints & clothing together serve as a stylish & fashionable reminder that paradise is only a direct flight away from home.” – Sonam Sapra.

Our patterns are reliable & have been made for generations. It is our unique island inspired prints & how we design our art that make us different, similar in clothing but unique in design. In Fiji we take inspiration from the ocean, the land & the sky. We believe in connecting with the animals and our fauna, that is what revives us. Fiji Island’s boutique aims to develop your trust through trusted apparel and manufacturers yet at the same time keeps things fresh and original through our unique designs. Our business model encourages transparency, giving back to the Fijian community, comfortable & reliable clothing, awesome designs & a gateway to Paradise Fiji.

Designer Sonam Sapra loves Fiji & considers the USA her second home. For years she has tried to find ways of connecting her two loves & has discovered that connection through apparel. She designs her prints in Fiji & manufactures almost all apparel in the U.S. Her prints are always either on point with trends or ahead of them so every time you wear a Fiji Islands Boutique print just know that you in line with or ahead of the trend when it comes to unique designs.

All accessories & apparel are carefully chosen to make sure they suit fast traveling & stylish needs. All prints encourage the travel & holiday lifestyle & making sure you are enjoying your life, especially in Fiji. Our apparel is primarily unisex, meaning we design all prints to suit both men and women. We believe a t-shirt can be worn fitted or as a dress, our mission is to design & supply it so that when our clothing reaches you, you are confident in how your wear it and make it uniquely yours.